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honda civic new

Every year, cars get more complicated. Be it under the hood or in the cabin, more gizmos keep arriving, especially if you’re willing to open your wallet. As feature saturation continues unabated, though, it’s refreshing to occasionally drive a car that’s kept things relatively simple, and the new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport is about as basic as you can get.

At just 2,864 pounds, the Civic Hatchback is the lightest hatchback we’ve weighed in years, and it would be difficult to make it any heavier. Our test car was stripped, but there’s still very little you can add via the options sheet. There’s no premium stereo, no navigation, no Honda Sense active safety gear, no leather seats, no dual-zone climate control, no seat heaters, etc., because Honda for some reason still believes people who buy manual transmissions don’t want nice things. Note to Honda: People don’t buy manuals because they’re cheap anymore. They buy them because they want to drive a manual. You’d sell more cars and m…

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